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26. September 2023   VoIPonCD
Welcome to VoIP on CD
Are you a VOIP beginner? You want Asterisk on Debian. Don't have time to learn all the config files for asterisk. You want a simple straight forward web interface? You want it to scale from 1 to a 1000 users. You want to keep costs low. In five easy steps the FREE VoIPonCD can be setup and running. Proceed to the download area (here) and get the ISO. English translation is continuing to evolve as does VoIPonCD.

VoIPonCD as a Virtual machine: Please leave your votes!
I take part in the ultimate vmware challenge and therefore put VoIPonCD into a virtual machine. Now you can test VoIPonCD by just downloading the vmware player for free here and download the VoIPonCD appliance here and get detailed instructions here. Once you are there please leave your vote there (whether it's bad or good).
Thank you!

Bootstrap error: Go to the console and delete /usr/share/keyrings/*.gpg, this should work.

2006/04/23: VoIPonCD.de/en is launched, so you guys will have an own english area :-).
2006/04/04: VoIPonCD is ready for new languages, english language is ready now!
2006/03/27: Forum in english and german language now ready

(Much) More than 10000 downloads of the ISO image in just some weeks, get yours today!

IMPORTANT: You don't need to get a new ISO when new updates are available!
Just insert your CD again and start from the beginning (or just press the update button).

Have fun,
Rolf Winterscheidt

rolf ... at voiponcd ... dot de
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