VoIPonCD by rowi.net
26. September 2023   VoIPonCD
The comfortable webinterface is easy and intuitive to use, at least it should :-). You do not need big manuals and I don't tell you to RTFM. Don't lose time by learning how to do something - just do it! That's the idea of VoIPonCD. The shown screenshots are in german, but the life system is in english, too. I was just too lazy to create new screenshots.
User menu (if you want to be a provider)

Start screen for a user:

The user can see the rates to certain destinations:

Internal phonebook: Whom do I have to call if I want to reach e.g. the mailbox?

The call detail records are shown in userfriendly manner:

Last but not least a small (german) intro to X-Lite:

Admin menu

Admin Home (not logged in)

User administration

Call detail records (all users)

Administration of main and normal Admins

This is the pool of numbers you can give to your users:

Here you see the rates for every single destination you define:

This is a rate model (currently not used):

You need a carrier (or two..) to forward the calls to the PSTN:

And here you can set up system settings:

Current Versions