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26. September 2023   VoIPonCD
Was ist VoIPonCD?
VoIPonCD is a piece of software which, once inserted into a CD-ROM drive turns a PC into a VoIP PBX. The system is based on a Debian Linux and the VoIP system is based on asterisk in realtime mode. If you are a beginner, you can just use the built in functions, if you are an experienced user you will get a base system for your own enhancements in half an hour.
How much do you charge for VoIPonCD?
Nothing. Alsolutely nothing. Well, at least for you! I have some costs for the server traffic and I didn't get out of my office and didn't sleep for at least 6 months when creating VoIPonCD. So it may be a bad idea not to sell it. But my decision is fallen and I hope I went the right way. If you really like it, you can donate some money via paypal but this isn't a must.
I am a beginner in Linux and VoIP, is it easy to use VoIPonCD?
Sure. That's the goal of VoIPonCD. It is as easy to handle as this website! You should know how to use a telephone and you should know that you have to press some knobs to reach another person and at least you should be able to pick up the phone if it rings :-). To be honest, you have to know a few more things but even if not I offer you a community to post your questions and share your experience with VoIPonCD - you are very welcome! The following screenshot shows you how to configure your system settings (in german, but in real life it's in english, too!).

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